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Optimal Control
and Advanced Control

Optimal Control and Advanced Control

Using dynamic digital twins, we perform optimal multi-loop, multi-objective tuning of PID controllers, generating a tuning set that ensures all controllers operate well together. Furthermore, through optimal tuning, there is an optimization of the process already at the regulatory level, an innovation in process control.

Our solution has the following benefits:

• Reduction of operational and maintenance costs;
• Productivity increase;
• Improvement in process stability;
• Guarantee of cooperation between different control loops;
• Increase in process response speed;

What is Multi-Loop Optimal Tuning of PID Controllers?

PID controllers are the basis of any control system, and their performance directly impacts the efficiency of the process. Poorly tuned PID controllers conflict with each other, leaving it up to operators to resolve this problem. In many cases, poorly tuned controllers are deactivated and the process is left in manual mode, which increases operators’ responsibility, reduces process efficiency and increases operation risks.

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